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Support GPT-4 Model (Only for ChatGPT Content)


The current Open AI restriction, the gpt-4 model, is only valid for Plus users. Non-Plus users should not use this model for now.

Open Files - Settings/Preference, select Tools - OpenAI - ChatGPT, in model settings, select gpt-4 to use it.

Add help button

A new help button has been added to open documents or announcements here (others may be added in the future).


Because there is an official review mechanism, which prevents me from updating in real time. So for some announcements type messages. I will add them in Announcements. Please stay tuned.

Changed the display of OpenAI assistant

Support GPT 3.5 Turbo to display the number of Tokens consumed per conversation

First, please go to the GPT 3.5 Turbo setting of the plugin and Enable token consumption

When enabled, the following is displayed.

You can see that after enabling it, the Token consumed by this conversation is shown at the end of the returned message.

  • Prompt tokens: Token consumed for this prompt text
  • Completion tokens: Token consumed for this completion text
  • Total tokens: Total Tokens consumed for this conversation